Sunday, October 16, 2011

Padme's Most Beautiful Dresses

I thought it'd be fun if I picked out which dress of Padme's I think is most beautiful, then talked about it! Only, it's a tie between two. XD (Note: Padme's dresses are somewhat revealing, so if you're a guy reading this (although I kinda doubt it) look at the dresses at your own risk. The two pictures I chose are pretty decent.

Dress #1:  Lake Gown

The story: Padme wears this on the balcony as she has a romantic talk with Anakin, who she is falling in love with despite herself.
The dress: A drapey, rainbow-colored gown with a very low back and a ringed neckline, with an exotic shell-style hairdo.
What I like about it: The fabric is gorgeous and the hairdo elegant. Everything is so nice and drapey, with that particular Naboo style. Flowy and feminine.
What I dislike about it: The front neckline is kind of odd, a little too spacey for my tastes. There's something about the hairdo that seems to big or too different for me... I don't necessarily like the little tiara or headdress at the front.
Would I ever make this dress? I might, but it doesn't seem likely anytime soon. It would be fun to walk on a rose-covered veranda in this flowy number!
What would I change about it? Other than the personal modesty issues, I would perhaps make the hairstyle a little more 'normal' or maybe just smaller. And something to tie that train up would be nice, for use when walking around after a rain or on a dusty road, for instance.
My memories about this costume: We normally skip this scene for my brother's sake, not to mention the 'smooze' as I call kisses. And we laugh at the funny look on Padme's face when Anakin is (rather creepily) stroking her back. Eeeew!

Dress #2: Picnic Gown

The story: Padme wears this while she and Anakin tease each other, in an idyllic meadow.
The dress: An almost historical looking dress, off the shoulder except for two small straps, a golden-yellow color, with flower embroidery all over it, flowy chiffony stuff, and a headdress, buns and ribbons in her curly hair.
What I like about it: The color is pretty nice and it's so flowy as she jumps through the meadow. I like the headdress and bun-covers. The ribbons are pretty too. The curly hair is cool.
What I dislike about it: I don't really like the corset-like bodice, though I don't notice it on casual viewing. I don't think the very top of the dress is flattering- it's kind of strangely put together and perhaps too blousy. Looks like it's the bodice pushing the under dress up. I like the overall look of it but the flowers aren't my favorite, and it's kind of cluttery. The sequiny type things on the skirt are a nice change from it, in my opinion.
Would I ever make this dress? I'd like to, someday.
What would I change about it? Other than the personal modesty issues, I would make the top fit better with the bodice and perhaps nix (or change) the embroidery on the dress and headband.
My memories about this costume: My brother and I, altering what was said by Anakin in this scene (which is called Teasing a Senator, I do believe) "Oh, no. I'd be much to frightened to kill a senator" and mixing it with the book title To Kill a Mockingbird (which I've never read, BTW, and am not sure what it's about really) to make the phrase "to kill a senator", which is what the assassins were trying to do to Padme. Lol. And if you read this and got what I was saying on the first try, kudos, what with all of my parentheses!

-The Writer

Note: Costume names from and pictures linked to Padawan's Guide.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome to A Queen and a Princess!

It is here that I shall post about all things Queen Padme Naberrie Amidala Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa of Aldaraan. If you're a fan of the Star Wars girls, their stories or their costumes, this is the place to tune in.

-The Writer